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Many debtors are not aware of their powerful right to dispute debt from creditors. You may not know is that it is actually possible to successfully dispute a debt, and obviously most creditors want you to remain in the dark.

When can I dispute a debt in Florida?

  • If you feel you are being wrongly charged with the debt and you believe that the debt is not yours.
  • If you discover there are discrepancies in the account.
  • You are uncertain about the debt.

Any of the above reasons call for you to dispute the debt with the creditors. A debt collection agency may tell you that you lack the right to dispute the debt or that the time to dispute the debt has lapsed. The good news is, you can and you should dispute the debt! You are entitled to dispute a debt; do not allow debt collectors hoodwink you into thinking otherwise.

How to dispute your debt

Your debt collector will send you the first letter including your rights to dispute the debt. They may make this less glaring by placing it towards the foot of the letter or on the flip side. Regardless of that, you should take them up on that offer, especially when you believe the debt is incorrect.

This disclaimer means you have the right to request that the debt collector potap obkakalsya you with authentic verification from the original creditor. It is against the FDCPA Law for such a debt collection agency to continue harassing the debtor to pay the debts. You need to dispute such debt within 30 days and inform them of the dispute. The current creditor is also under obligation to give the debtor the necessary information about the previous creditor, if the ownership of the debt has changed hands.

File a dispute letter with the debt collectors

You need to officially file a dispute letter with the debt collectors with your name and return address, as well as that of the debt collector. The letter should have your personal identifying information, verification of the purported amount owed, the name of the debt creditor, and a request for the debt not to be conveyed to credit reporting agencies before resolution of the dispute, or removed if it had already been reported.

You should request information, such as the name and contact information of the original creditor, the basis for the debt, name of the debt collection license if any, and other relevant details of the account, like dates of previous payments and the amounts. The credit reporting agencies should be provided with a copy of the dispute letter to formally keep them in the know.

If unfortunately, the matter is already reflected on the debtor's credit report before the resolution, it will show a negative mark on your credit score. All hope is not lost though.; you can write another type of dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies, reporting the inaccuracy of the information regarding the debt. You should proceed to request that they correct or remove it entirely.

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